Eucalyptus Water - 500ml
Eucalyptus Water - 500ml
Miraflor Natural Products

Eucalyptus Water - 500ml

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Miraflor's eucalyptus water is organic and sustainably products.

During the distillation of the eucalyptus leaves, the steam goes through the leaves and absorbs the odor, which results in delicious, fragrant water with a woody tone. This is as natural as it can get.

The water used for the steam comes from their own natural water source. The energy needed to generate steam is generated with the help of their own solar panels. The final product is distilled eucalyptus water, producted in a completely sustainable manner and without any additives.

Eucalyptus water has many applications. It lends itself perfectly as pouring water for the sauna or as fragrant water for your diffuser. You can even add a little to your bath water for a soothing, fragrant bath.

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